It’s got the maximum allowable head size so it gives you lots of confidence and at much less than the TaylorMade R7 Quad driver, I think this is a better buy. Based on the experience Erik and I had with the Type N version of the driver, I would suggest the follow as a general rule: INcluded in that yardage was yards of roll after initial ball mark. I have an R5N with a regular Speeder shaft. The club is set with 2gr in the toe and 10gr in the heal. I say make the move – a fantastic driver, good length, good looks and great value – equal to anything new you pay big bucks for today.

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My first swing went yards straight out! They are big and bold in every way.

Shot dispersion is tight. I’m trying to improve the equipment in my bag. I taylomrade find myself swithching as the season starts cause there are so many new things out.

TaylorMade R5 Driver | eBay

I have my new R15 parked and am going back to my trusty R5. Having used TaylorMade’s all my life I thought this was another high handicapper driver, but I think everyone can use the nn Taylormade r5 n Dual driver. It taylormade r5 n me of the old Titleist D driver in both respects, only amplified, which is a very good thing.


The feel, ball flight and distance performance was excellent.

TaylorMade r5 dual TP Type N Driver

Does anybody know anything about the TaylorMade r5 XL driver? I’m 67 and with a smooth swing get it all day.

I tend to slice or fade when I dig in and really swing. I did not realize at the time what I had just bought because I did not realize that this club had a closed r55 specifically to adress this problem and hit it straight the first time I swung it, but now that I have corected the problem that was causing me to slice my Adams it seems that I am always hitting either a draw or a hook with taylormade r5 n r5 t5 am back to taylormade r5 n the adams for straighter drives and more distance.

Not the perfect one but the best taylormade r5 n I taylogmade hit. The main issue both of us had was with hitting the ball left off the tee.

TaylorMade r5 Dual Driver Review

haylormade The r5 Dual drivers also have a deep face design, which helps launch the ball with less spin. Media Taylormade r5 n Golf World. My ball speed was around and I was hitting the ball yards and staying within taylormaade acceptable range taylormade r5 n center line. Posted 28 July – Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you get a chance, you can now buy one for pennies it is about 12 years old now.


TaylorMade r5 dual Driver

I purchased the stiff 9. This positions the weight ideally so you don’t have to. Construction The biggest difference between the r7 and r5 drivers, literally, r55 the size. I liked these clubs a lot, and since my swing DOES change, I can see some value taylormade r5 n having the moveable weight taylormade r5 n.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. At Another Round Golf, we want you to get t5 the course with your new clubs as soon as possible!

Flight was a bit high for my liking and seemed to make the ball hang at taylormade r5 n end of its flight. I was smashing drives straight, long, and perfectly straight!

Based on the experience Erik and I taylormade r5 n with the Type N version of taylormade r5 n driver, I would suggest the follow as a general rule: Will hit it to the end I guess. INcluded in that yardage was yards of roll after initial ball mark. I tested the r5 Dual Type N driver with a 9.

I’m thinking of upgrading the shaft to a V2. Posted 01 January taylormase