Historically, I have found that tools that are multi-purpose like this one, while useful, come with some trade-offs in order to provide the flexibility they offer. The battery form factor of a slide pack makes this the most stable tool when set upright. Coming in at a close second is the Bosch PS41 which also features higher Wh batteries and the most compact length of all the tools. To find out, I decided to throw all nine models into a large commercial freezer for 14 hours at degrees Fahrenheit. Can you guys do another shootout for the 12v class impact drivers? The tools in this test had published torque specifications that ranged from in-lbs all the way up to 1, in-lbs. I just securely set the bit and let the tool do all the work.

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Unlike our testing of 18V impact drivers a few months ago, the 12V models installed fewer screws. This impact driver comes with higher Wh batteries and has a brushless motor. Freezing the tools did not seem to have any lasting effects on the impact drivers or the batteries.

Found this page while looking for a comparison, now I have a fave new tool kobalt 12v impact bookmark! In the cases of kobalt 12v impact Hitachi and Milwaukeethese tools both have lower torque ratings, yet they came out near the top in our test group. Real-world results and lots of details. In both our run-time and torque tests, this impact driver scored higher than all the others.

Kobalt 12v Max Drill Impact Driver Saw 2 Batteries Bag Charger Combo Kit

When this tool kobalt 12v impact came in, I really debated whether or not to include it in our impact driver roundup. The DeWalt has the build quality of a tank with sturdy features like the kobalt 12v impact umpact clip out of the bunch. The overall length was the second shortest of all the tools as well. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.


This impact driver surprised us in that it was a torque monster despite its modest in-lbs rating from the manufacturer. The goal of this test is simply to see how kobalt 12v impact fasteners a tool can install with one freshly-charged battery.

Kobalt 12v Max Drill Impact Driver Saw 2 Batteries Bag Charger Combo Kit | eBay

Possibly, but as I worked my way through this test I found some interesting results. For the person looking for the versatility and value of having multiple tools in one, this is the driver for you. The three LED lights around the business end of the tool also make for a shadow-free view of the fastener, and the 10 seconds that the LED lights stay on by themselves turns this kobalt 12v impact into an impromptu work light when needed.

I was more interested in raw performance. Accept Reject Read More. I used this review to determine my kobalt 12v impact driver purchase. Since it has a mode-select switch, it can be a drill, a drill with torque settings kobalt 12v impact an impact driver.

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Compact 12V Impact Driver Comparison Roundup

All the mid-pack tools had 14 to 18 12 batteries. I did notice that once I started to use the tools they quickly began to warm up, and the warmer they got, the better they performed. The battery design kobalt 12v impact probably the most unconventional when compared to the other models.

For the tech savvy, the actual voltage is Given the lifetime warranty and its low price, this impact driver is the value leader of the koablt. Another thing to note is that Ridgid announced new 2.

With an almost endless list of tasks that can be done with an impact driver, this is the one tool that you will want kobalt 12v impact keep nearby during a repair or project. Kobalt 12v impact for this fantastic shootout.


Compact 12V Impact Driver Comparison Roundup

For some who have already invested in a few tools of a certain brand, the most kobalt 12v impact choice might be to simply keep buying tools on the same battery platform. The kobalt 12v impact form factor of a slide pack makes this the most stable tool when set upright. With three different use settings, I set this tool to run in the impact mode for everything I put it through.

Tom has nearly twenty years of experience in residential and commercial construction, having been a project manager at a engineering kobalt 12v impact, then starting his own architectural design company, and finally owning and operating a residential construction company as a licensed contractor in South Carolina.

We had higher expectations for the Makita and thought that the low number of installed kobalt 12v impact was a mistake, so the test was repeated with a second fully-charged battery only to result in virtually no difference in the number of fasteners installed.

This impact driver has the best bit insert and eject chuck out of all the tools tested. Each of the nine tools kobalt 12v impact this 1v impact driver comparison share standard features that kobalt 12v impact common to each tool. Given the diversity of the battery technology, electronics, motor drivetrain and other factors, it seems that each impact impaxt tested seemed to have at least one or two high points that could make it a compelling choice for purchase, depending on your specific expectations or project needs.