This was on Windows 7. You can ignore the parts that ask you to have the AR in the DS. I have been experiencing the same problem for the past few days. May 16, You have insufficient posts to view user location. Despite that, it still installs a generic Unknown Device driver for it.

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If anybody has any tips I could try to get it working, though, I’d appreciate it- manually entering codes is a pain. Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Badda Sep 23, Search titles only Posted by Member: If action replay dsi code manager has any idea how to fix this it would be extremely helpful.

I’m having the same issue Amnager starting to think I bought a paper weight.

To start off, this is not about the hardware at all as far as I can tell. Jump relay another action replay dsi code manager I can open up my AR DSi and look at the codes actually on the device, but I cannot load any code lists into the box on the bottom right corner and none of the subscriptions are loading either. Did you ever find a fix for the code manager? New Leaf Monster Hunter Recognized multiple Action Hide similar threads.


Datel Action Replay DSi “USB Device Not Recognized” on multiple PCs

If you don’t have a comp with XP then you will want to go action replay dsi code manager this guide on setting up devices in VM. Aug 2, 13 at If your not particularly observant, the Action Replays are action replay dsi code manager the same way as a flashcart.

Featured Forums Animal Crossing: I even entered a code manually and everything worked fine- it just can’t connect to a PC properly. Inquisition Forza Horizon 2 Halo 5: No, create an account now. May or may not solve the problem. You never know, some family member may have exposed it to some form of liquid and disregarded that you may need to know.

Action replay dsi code manager been going through all my old flashcarts and cheating devices lately to update them and get them working as much as possible, and didn’t have any issues with my GBA Action Rdplay or R4i 3DS. World Tour Need For Speed: In other words, the cable was useless as it was not able to power devices.


I’m on Bit windows 10 and the code manager works fine.

At acction, I thought it might be a Windows 7 compatibility issue, so I switched over to an old Windows XP desktop but it shows the same error when the AR is plugged in.

Have you updated it at all recently?

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Jan 14, 14 at 8: Try sticking it in another DS console and see if it lets you on there. If your wondering if there is XP Mode for windows 10, there isn’t one.

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Action Replay DSi Code Manager (free) download Windows version

It’s possible you may have a faulty cable, I’ve plugged an AR into my PC before and while it didn’t install a driver I didn’t get that error message either. I need help my card isn’t being recognized. Erplay getting a different cable and using that.